TSE’s Topsy Turvy Series: How Surreal360’s Salvador Dali Exhibit Boosts Audience Engagement with VR & AR to Create Communities

Tuesday, May 2
2:20 pm
 - 3:00 pm

Do you feel like you are in an echo chamber lately? TSE turns things upside down and sought out the group who produces the new Salvador Dali immersive experience. Wildly successful, immersive experiences around the world bring art and audiences together in inspiring and engaging ways that play on the senses to the crowd’s delight. The Surreal360 team team takes immersive to the next level through the use of AR and VR to personalize the audience experience while gathering feedback and data.  

Here, we seek to break through the normal constructs and venture outside the industry, to understand how these creatives approach building and expanding audience engagement with the hope their thinking may spark innovation in us and on the trade show floor.  

Presented by executive members of Surreal360.

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